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«Every time I see you in the world…» – Vampire Weekend


por — 16/05/2013 — música

vampire-weekend-modern-vampires-of-the-city-tracklistMientras todo el ruido mediático se lo lleva el regreso de Daft Punk, la banda neoyorkina de vampiros hipsters por excelencia, está también de vuelta con «Modern vampires of the city». Una vuelta menos estruendosa, pero qué vuelta.

Vampire Weekend es una banda de indie pop-rock con raíces africanas, que con solo otros dos discos a sus espaldas (homónimo en 2008, y «Contra» en 2010)  ha cosechado un enorme éxito y reconocimiento, debido en gran parte a la frescura de sus temas, sus ritmos pegadizos y sugerentes letras.

Una de las joyas más pulidas de este nuevo disco es este «Step», una oda a la ciudad de Nueva York, que nos regala un videoclip hecho con un gusto tan exquisito, que mezclado con la deliciosa melodía (de aires clásicos) hacen que quieras ponerlo en loop (y en HD) una y otra vez…

Every time I see you in the world, you always step to my girl

[Verse 1]
Back back way back I used to front like Angkor Wat
Mechanicsburg Anchorage and Dar es Salaam
While home in New York was champagne and disco tapes from L.A. slash San Francisco
But actually Oakland and not Alameda
Your girl was in Berkeley with her Communist reader
Mine was entombed within boombox and walkman
I was a hoarder but girl that was back then

The gloves are off, the wisdom teeth are out
What you on about?
I feel it in my bones, I feel it in my bones
I’m stronger now, I’m ready for the house
Such a modest mouse, I can’t do it alone, I can’t do it alone
Every time I see you in the world, you always step to my girl

[Verse 2]
Ancestors told me that their girl was better
She’s richer than Croesus, she’s tougher than leather
I just ignore all the tales of a past life
Stale conversation deserves but a bread knife
And punks who would laugh when they saw us together
Well, they didn’t know how to dress for the weather
I can still see them there huddled on Astor
Snow falling slow to the sound of the master


Wisdom’s a gift, but you’d trade it for youth
Age is an honor – it’s still not the truth
We saw the stars when they hid from the world
You cursed the sun when it stepped to your girl
Maybe she’s gone and I can’t resurrect her
The truth is she doesn’t need me to protect her
We know the true death, the true way of all flesh
Everyone’s dying, but girl – you’re not old yet